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Velocity Amsterdam - Day 2

So I've been back from Velocity for a week now, and it's taken me about that long to recover, and to get back into a working flow. So, now that I've got some time on my hands, I thought I would write up days two (and three!) of Velocity Amsterdam, …

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Velocity Amsterdam - Day 1 Roundup

Talks Sharing experience of helping orgs decompose a monolith app ELK and Elasticsearch (but mostly Beats) Distributed Ops for Distributed Apps Programming the IoT (but mostly MirageOS and unikernel) Decomposing Monolithic apps This was the first talk of the day that we could select, so I hopped into the room …

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Secrets for containers

The problem A couple of months ago, one of our clients at Infinity Works had a little bit of a security problem, interestingly one that is faced by all companies who have software; that of secrets. To be clear about what I mean by secrets in this context; I am …

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Password policies are getting really stupid

I was reading an article this morning on Smashing Magazine about "the current state of authentication". In the main the article is well written, and includes some fairly salient points about the problems of using the username & password pattern, and the author Andrew Thomas and I are fairly aligned …

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